Compliance Agreements

The Commissioner of Canada Elections is responsible for ensuring that the Canada Elections Act is complied with and enforced.

The Commissioner has the authority to conclude a compliance agreement with anyone the Commissioner believes on reasonable grounds has committed, is about to commit or is likely to commit an act or omission that could constitute an offence.

A compliance agreement is a voluntary agreement between the Commissioner and the person (the contracting party) in which they agree to terms and conditions that the Commissioner considers necessary to ensure compliance with the Act.

A compliance agreement may include a statement by the contracting party in which he or she admits responsibility for the act or omission that constitutes the offence. It is important to note that the admission of responsibility does not constitute a criminal conviction by a Court of law and does not create a criminal record for the contracting party.

In order to maintain transparency, the compliance agreement is made public.

A summary of each compliance agreement published before June 2014 is available below. These summaries are also published in the Canada Gazette. All compliance agreements published after that time are published in full.

Compliance Agreements











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